Who we are

We are online beauty products “treasure” hunters. We scout, research and dig for high quality, problem solving, affordable beauty products. We try our best to focus on items that are not traditionally found in your neighborhood stores.

What we believe 

Our overarching believe is that everyone is beautiful and beauty can be further enhanced through simple, affordable and non complicated hacks, tools and routines. We believe that no one should go bankrupt to have access to high quality affordable beauty products and accessories

Our area of impact

Our offerings focused primarily on 3 areas  of beauty frontiers namely (1) skin beauty (2) hair care and (3) sleep aids. It has been proven scientifically that  your skin especially facial skins, your hair and quality of your sleep impact significantly on how you are perceived and your confidence level.

Our statement of commitment 

Our priority  for Us to Search and You to Safe. We are dedicated to unbeatable customer service and affordable , cheap and affordable beauty products and accessories. As an online beauty company, HavF Beauty Supply Store strive to earn your trust and maintain loyalty through the combination of high-quality products, great pricing, and world-class customer service!

Why Choose HavF Beauty online store?

✔️ Affordable beauty products and accessories

✔️ Fast and reliable delivery service

✔️Competitive and less prices

✔️ Premium Customer Support

✔️ Problem solving of affordable beauty  accessories

Need to reach our team ?

Phone number : +1 208 293 7468

Email address: Supports@havF.com

Memorable Item Hunters, 2615 Columbia Pike Le Touche Beauty Salon #242 Arlington, VA 22204