Delicate Lift Double Chin Face Mask Facial


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Delicate Facial Thin Face Mask Slimming Bandage Skin Care Belt Shape And Lift Reduce Double Chin Face Mask Face Thinking Band


  • New and high quality.
  • Style: Face Slim Mask.
  • Occasion: Casual.
  • Elastic face slim mask will make your face more beautiful and healthier.
  • It will make you look sexier and more beautiful.
  • Size: S,M,L,XL

This is a Mask with new breakthrough technology, slow down the masseter/reduce wrinkles, prevent aging thin face with Japan’s latest wear thin face, high-tech products, can reduce wrinkles, prevent aging, rapid change round to oval faces.

Reduce wrinkles, aging and pie face with the three-dimensional promotion play a supporting role. Eliminate sagging skin, improve muscle position memory, make help your face look as young as possible.

This is a recommended tool for firming or removing wrinkles lines. This could be used conjunction with cream to get better effect

 How to use Delicate Lift Double Chin Face Mask Facial:

  1. Wash your face clean.
  2.  Wear it and take off 30~60 minutes later. (Skin will be in a sweat with warm).
  3. Wash your face again.

Package Included: 1 x Face Slim Mask




L, M, Orange one size, Rosered one size, S, XL