Diamond Nail Drill Bits


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Diamond Nail Drill Bits

This is our hot sell diamond nail drill bits for electric manicure machine drills. it will also fit rotary burr mills and cutter nail remover tools

 Features of HavF Nail Drill Bits 

  • The bits can withstand acid, alkali and heat.
  • It has excellent durability and cutting performance.
  • Treatment of very think gel nails and hyper-keratosis, it leaves an optional working base after grinding for the further nail modeling
  • Suitable for natural nails as well as artificial nails, great tools for any professional manicurist or beginner
  • Ceramic bit could be used in nail art, manicure and so on, suitable for professional, salon, or home use

 Specification of the bit

  1. – head Size: 8*15mm
  2. – grit: 60 mesh(Green) , 130mesh (Blue), 180mesh (Red)
  3. – material: diamond
  4. – High quality, correct handle shank diameter, 2.35mm can be fit the most of machines

Package List:

  1. – 1 x diamond bit

Blue M, Green C, Red F