Finger Toe Blisters Reliever


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Finger Toe Blisters Reliever  Protector with Silicone Gel Cover Cap Pain Relief Preventing Blisters Corns Nail Tools

Features of Finger Toe Blisters Reliever

Finger Toe Blisters Reliever protect yourself from calluses, blisters and irritation caused by walking or light activity such as golf and tennis.

  • The Toe Protector Are Made of a soft gel / rubber, which is easy to stretch and slip on. Can be worn easily under socks and shoes without feeling bulky. Non-slip material means they stay on even while you’re active. Latex free!
  • If they’re a little too long, simply cut off the ends with a pair of household scissors until the size is right for you.
  • Go straight to the problem spot and immediately comfort the pain. Less need for complicated bandages or creams

Package Includes:

  • 1x Silicone Cover

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