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The Best Nail dust remover brush

The HavF Nail Dust Remover Brush will leave your fingers and toes sparkling than you can ever image! 

Yes, simply and effortlessly dust away the dirt that build up on the surface of your nails and make them sparkles again

This tool is design such that it will efficiently and gently clean the top layer of the nail and restore it to a beautiful and healthier glow.

We know that we have different objectives for example 

  • getting a new style of nail art
  • attempting to remove excess polish,
  • preparing yourself for a manicure/pedicure,

One tools that you must have is HavF Dust Remover tool.

Each hypo-allergenic bristle is genuinely soft to the touch. The handle is designed conveniently to give your hand the ability to hold without slipping off.

Give your nails the care they deserve with the HavF Nail Dust Remover Brush today!

Features of the nail dust removal brush 

o      The tool is design with great aesthetic to makes it look beautiful

o      Nail duster brush wool will not easily fall off AND  it is designed to last with great convenience to carry

o      Suitable for Professional manicure use or personal DIY nail art usage at home and essential for newer or nail art Lovers to do nail art acrylic nails

Package details dirt duster for nails:

·         Material: High Quality Goat hair, Nylon material and soft Synthetic;

·         Size: Total length: 6.3cm Wool length: 4.5cm Wool width: 4.3cm;

·         Color: Purple;

·         1x Nail duster brush;

100% SATISFACTION & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:30 days refund and resend guarantee and please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, however we work tirelessly to get the product to you before the time


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