Plastic Makeup Organizer



Features of Plastic makeup organizer

  • This is strong and robust structure made from high quality plastic material with ability to keep up with intense daily domestic use.
  • This awesome large makeup organizer or home organizer made of plastic to keep your dressing table neat, organized and professional.
  • Extra space on your dressing table can be use for something else: you can decorate the space or get another gadget to beautify your room.
  • This is compact as it occupies a little space on your dressing table to keep and organize your makeup, tools and accessories for easy access
  • The top compartment can be used to hold lipsticks, brow pencils, eyeliners, mascaras, and makeup brushes, manicure
  • Upgrade your Vanity: Create perfect organization for your makeup station with this compact storage container. Perfect for your bathroom counter top, dorm, bedroom, table, salon workstations or retail counters.
  • Variety of Use: Not just for lipsticks! Use this makeup stand to store liquid lip gloss, mascara, brushes, tweezers, eyeliner, small perfumes, eyeliners and more!
  • This is super cool for new mothers with: have different section for creams and cosmetics, another section for diapers and pants etc


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