Thick nail file for ladies


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 7pcs/lot Wooden Nail Files For Manicure 100/180 Strong Thick Sandpaper Sanding Nails File Buffs Buffing Grey Boat Nail Care Tool

Features for wooden thick nail file for ladies, celebrities and manicure professionals

Wood thick nail files for ladies has 100/180  grains of sand adhered the wooden board.

As you slide from thick nail files for ladies across your nail tip, it is important to file in one direction in order to minimize damage to the nail during the filing process.

Essential nail art tools for filing nails before nail treatment / nail extension / manicure procedures

Can be used to file natural nails, false nails, nail extensions, etc.

Perfect for finger care, woodworking, and salon usage

Perfect for both professional use and personal use


Material: Wood&Sandpaper

Color: Grey Boat/Grey Half Moon

Grit: 100/180

Feature: Washable High Quality

Package Included: 7 pcs Boat Design 100/180 Nail Files