The Shocking Revelation of Hair Brush (2021)

The shocking revelation of hair brush hinged on selecting the best comb for delicate hair . A good hair brush must inarguably  minimize hair breakage and pain while combing the hair . Frankly, when it comes to beauty, we look almost as good as the brushes we use. Some people just pick any comb they see to comb their hair  leading to brakeage, entanglement and pain.

The question right to you is “when was the last time you checked your comb?” While we constantly compliment our favorite straighteners and curlers, the chances of an honest old comb (aka the forgotten heroes of styling and hair care) are generally overlooked. If that sounds appropriate, you probably need the right hairbrush and that is the shocking revelation of hair brush.

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Choosing the right comb is one of the shocking revelation about hair brush that you must know. In addition to using the hair brush correctly can be critical to achieving the perfect hair. There are many variance types of brushes on the market but who knows which one to use for what? Are you using the comb that suits you best?

Finding the right hair brush may seem like an unnecessary chore to some, but since it is often a cosmetic tool that you must use every day, the change can be one of the most important services you will be able to perform for your hair. In addition to just brushing your hair, using the simplest brush for your hair type is sure to result in less breakage, prevent bad hair, and give the final say (no curling wand needed).

It may sound simple efficiency, but finding the simplest brush for you will be a challenge; after all, there are tons of options to choose from! In fact, just like your makeup brush arsenal, you will definitely need a single comb. Whether you want to highlight your natural waves, untangle those unruly knots, or achieve the last word, scroll through our brush guide to help you choose which comb suits your hair. We promise you will never underestimate the power of the comb again.

Here’s a quick guide to the most popular and used hairbrushes:

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Hair Brush Type: Paddle Hair Brush

BEST FOR: Fragile Hair

Owned by many, the spatula is famous for its ability to detangle hair easily and luxuriously quickly. Its flat, wide and rectangular surface not only allows the comb to maneuver with your control, it also provides exceptionally smooth results without altering the natural pattern of wavy and curly hair. For pinned locks, use a spatula brush to prep hair then flat iron.

Please note that paddle brushes come in different types of bristles. For thicker hair, choose a brush with stronger bristles, such as nylon or synthetic bristles, that can gently penetrate textured hair.

Hair Brush Type: Round comb

HAIR TYPE: medium to thick hair

With the right round brush and lots of practice (and lots of upper body strength), you’ll get a clean salon look. Usually round brushes are made from a metal or legendary barrel that gets hot when using a hand blower (works like a curling iron).

The round brush helps tame frizzy hair and gives it the bounce it needs. If you have fine or normal hair, we do not recommend using a round brush with a metal or ionic cylinder, as this can cause severe heat damage to your already weak ends. Instead, we suggest trying something a little more subtle: a round bristle brush or a natural boar brush.

Not only are there a variety of bristle options when it comes to round brushes, they are also available in a variety of sizes. There are two things to consider when choosing sizes for the round brush: the length of the hair, and therefore the size of the curl / wave you want to do.

Round brushes are perfect for adding volume and shine to your hair. This is often the comb you would like to use to blow dry your hair. Small brushes create tighter curls, while larger brushes are known to straighten hair and create light waves.

Hair Brush Type: Hair brush

BEST FOR: Adding Volume

The easiest way to lift the roots of your hair to create the illusion of fullness is with a hair brush. This brush is perfect for styling your hair and creating texture to support your beautiful hairstyles, adding texture to ponytails, or creating a strong base at the roots for hair extensions. Bonus points for a pointed handle that you can use to cut your hair perfectly!

Note that you should not disturb your hair too often, as this process often damages your hair. try not to use this brush if you have very fine or brittle hair.

Hair Brush Type: Wide Tooth Comb

BEST FOR: Wet Hair

This is the easiest brushing tool for wet hair, as wet hair is more prone to breakage. If you don’t have a good tooth comb yet (we don’t know why you didn’t have one yet), here’s why you should: A wide tooth comb is great for safely brushing wet hair and dispensing care products. hair related.

If you shower at night, gently comb your hair from the bottom up and tie your hair into a loose bun to avoid waking up to matted hair in the morning.

Hair Brush Type: Detangling Comb

BEST FOR: Wet and Dry Hair

When hair is wet, it becomes more delicate. So to avoid breakage you need a specially designed brush to remove tangles. Detangling brushes are often made with wide-tooth plastic bristles that detangle stubborn knots easily and painlessly. Since the bristles are very dense, they will also help add extra volume to dry, fine hair.

Hair Brush: Rat tail crest

BEST FOR: Hair Separation in Section

Sometimes the simplest brush is not a brush at all. The rat tail comb gets its name from its long, slender end, which is used to part hair into precise, clean sections.

The next time you want to braid your hair into double Dutch braids, use this comb to separate your hair into two equal sections. Trust me, it makes everything so much easier. You can also comb the back of your hair back with this comb effortlessly.

Hair Brush: Boar brush

BEST FOR: Fine hair, Curly Hair, Dry Hair

For vibrant Hollywood waves, you will need a boar brush. While they don’t look particularly delicate on the scalp, the boar bristles are designed to glide smoothly through the hair (just like the paddle brush) without clinging or stretching the roots, making it the perfect brush for women with fine hair.

However, due to its ability to distribute natural oils evenly from the scalp through the hair, we recommend using a boar brush after heat styling. You also brush your hair before bed to condition the dry ends.

Hair Brush: Ventilated brush

BEST FOR: Quick Dry Impact

Sorry about the time? Do not worry! Holes on the back of the vented brush allow cool air to pass through during coarse drying to speed up the drying process. There is nothing special about this: With one hand on the blower, use the other hand to comb your hair from roots to ends. Voila! Your hair will dry out soon.

Hair Brush: Loop brush


If you use hair extensions, you may need a loop brush. This brush has unique looped bristles that allow the comb to slide easily over the wefts without snagging or pulling them out.

Not only are loop brushes great for brushing your hair as long as you have hair extension clips, but they are also ready to brush more permanent hair extensions without damaging or stretching.

Summary of shocking revelation of hair brush

The choice of your hair brush is depend on the hair type, condition of hair, wet or dry and how fragile, full/ thick or thin your hair. Do not use any kind of brush to comb your hair. We are advising you to be intentional about the type of comb you used for combing your hair.

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