How to stop dry eye

Learn how to stop dry eye the Right Way (2021)

Learn How to stop dry eye the Right Way

We present a simple but effective strategy to stop the dry eye the right way in this edition. Have you heard of Ocular surface disease before? Ok. some people call it Dry Eye. This occur when eye does not produce sufficient quantity or high-quality tears that is needed to keep the eye properly lubricated.

Causes of dry eye among people who use makeup products

Have you experience it before? Yes, it’s very possible as many people have it without knowing until it becomes a serious problem. The exact cause is not known but the following has been shown to be the root cause

1. 👉   Old age and aging

2. 👉   Environment:  dehydration, dry or windy environments

3. 👉   Personal: Smoking, Heavy makeup use, Lack of sleep and insufficient blinking

4. 👉   Medical: Contact lens use, Prior eye surgery (LASIK, cataract, eyelid, etc.), Systemic conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, diabetes), certain medications

What you need to know about your makeup products

The formulation used in many of the eye makeup products or cosmetics contains toxic chemical known as ocular surface toxins. It is rather unfortunate that enforcement of the use of safe ingredient in makeup products especially in the US is poor. For instance, FDA bans just 11 chemicals in cosmetics compared to the more than 1,300 banned by the European Union.  Your health is your business. You should simply refuse to pay for blindness or dry eye with your hard-earned money!

Rule (1)👉   You must henceforth pay attention to the composition of your makeup and discard any makeups that has any compositions that is bad. How do you know bad makeup? the rule of thumb; if you can call the name without your teeth falling down (lol), then it is not good for you!

Rule (2)👉   Remove eye makeup before sleeping every night. A scientific study found that fewer dry eye symptoms were associated with people who followed this rule.

Rule (3)👉   Makeup removal itself carries hazards, as the liquid solutions commonly used for removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner often contain chemicals, including benzalkonium chloride (BAK), a known disrupter of epithelial and goblet cells. If BAK is in the ingredients list, it may be present in a much higher concentration than in any preserved ophthalmic drop.

Alright, I know what you are thinking …. Many people thinks that makeup products with a label such as “hypoallergenic,” “all natural,” “organic,” or even “ophthalmologist tested” are safe. You are wrong, frankly, this beauty labels means little to nothing as it was found that some of this product contains 8 ocular surface-offending chemicals and cinnamates that are pro-inflammatory and directly fuel dry eye disease immunopathophysiology.

Learn How to stop dry eye the Right Way. We have itemized 3 effective strategies that you need to incorporate into your daily routine and stop dry eye. Lean to read ingredients labels on cosmetics with the same mindfulness as reading food labels, such as watching out in particular for the root “-prost” and the suffix “-paraben,” as well as “urea”. By increasing awareness and education, we can help everyone to avoid stop dry eye the right way.

Source of our information for how to stop dry eye

We dig into technical and scientific papers published in international and reputable journals to get this information to you.

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