7 Simple Steps to an Effective Beauty Strategy (2021)

7 Simple Steps to an Effective Beauty Strategy

Most people want to look gorgeous and get compliments from friends, colleagues, boyfriends and girlfriends. A lot of people think beauty is a big task whereas to become beautiful in body and spirit is simple. Luckily, I have itemized some practical guide with 7 Simple Steps To An Effective Beauty Strategy. These tips are not exclusive, they could compliment your other routines (if you currently have one). However, irrespective of your desired changes, big or little, these tips are just starting point.

Conceal blemish that affect self worth

The first simple step to an effective beauty strategy is our self-worth. Our self-image and self-confidence could suffer when we have a temporary blemish on exposed part of our body especially the face. Example of blemish is pimples, wart, dandruff, tag etc. Getting rid of the of some blemish such as dandruff, wart is critical to some people self-worth. Embracing some blemish may be just about the perfect solution to some blemish such as pimples.  In future, we will review different strategies to manage pimples, wart and dandruff.

What is hair split end and how to stop it

The second simple step to an effective beauty strategy is caring for your hair.  “Split ends” occurs when the hair shaft split or fray typically or most commonly found in long hair. When the outermost layer of the hair shaft is structurally damaged thereby showing the hair’s cortex . When this damage occurs, the hair breakage, hair ends, dead ends, and split ends increased.

Unfortunately, the solution to repairing hair with split ends is not clear. Some people believe that you can’t ever fully repair the damage done to the hair. The temporary solution is to mend the strand while the permanent fix is simply to trim the split ends.

Another solution involved applying “hot spray” to wet hair before you blow it dry. You can get this spray from any cosmetic store near you like Target and Wal-Mart.  The “hot spray” prevent split ends before it happens and help hair dry faster by locking in your hair’s natural moisture.

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A new you with a new hairstyle

The third simple step to an effective beauty strategy is go to salon and get a new hairstyle.  People says that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, changing your hairstyle or hair color improve how someone looks. You can look different and natural simply by changing your hair to short, medium, or long, straight, curly, or in different colors.

So, how do you know you need a new hairstyle? I answer the question by asking myself (i) How long have I been having or wearing the same look. (ii) Do I have a feeling that it’s time to make a change. (iii) Do I feel that I look dull. Once you evaluate your answer critically, you will come to a safe bet that a hairstyle change may be good for you.

Having a good hair stylist is now the key to unlock your beauty. Remember, your hairstyle and hair color can be styled to completely change your look – face appear to be more slender and narrow. You may appear more slender and thinner than you actually are by just having a simple haircut with long streaks.

Body massage beauty strategy

The fourth simple step to an effective beauty strategy is having regular body massage. A friend told me that she doesn’t like to go for massage because she doesn’t know the benefit. Getting massage regularly leads to a smooth and glowing skin. Massage increase the skin energy and vitality of a lackluster complexion.

First, massage improves lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system comprises of many blood vessel that act harmoniously to pump fluid and cells from the interstitial space into the blood circulation. When the body is properly massaged, accumulated toxins are removed creating space for oxygen and nutrients. In addition, once the blood vessel is unclogged, blood flow increases with proper circulation of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The good news is that the proper flow of blood ensures that the healing red blood cells get to the skin.

Massage also have exfoliating potential. All of the stroking gently eliminates or remove the dead skin cells that impair skin vitality. Another secret is to brush your skin before or during shower. This help the body to stimulate natural oils.

Develop self-confidence with makeup

The fifth simple step to an effective beauty strategy is developing makeup strategy. The very first essence of you looking gorgeous and getting compliments from friends is to communicate an overall well-being. A recent publish article in an international journals (https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ebf7/c6e8d31d601b2dc9ad4db60a5af71f0dd408.pdf showed a linear correlation among makeup, appearance and overall well-being. In fact, people wearing make ups have unbelievable level of physical self-esteem.

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Effective Beauty Strategy - Eyeshadow palette cheapMakeup perform three critical function to women body namely (i)impact the sense of touch (through s all sensations from the body surface) (ii) fragrance or smell, (iii) and sense of sight through turning into a beauty. When this critical three functions are well harnessed, it could lead to as psychological pleasure.

There are several types of makeup products and they comes in many different finishes such as velvet, , metallic matte and shimmer etc. Primarily, the sheeny, glittery is the shimmer, while the misty, flat finish is the matte. Some people tend to prefer matte products mostly, but add a bit of light colored shimmer. Make your choice and go with it.

Sleep as a strategy for beauty enhancement

The sixth simple step to an effective sleep regime. The secret of beauty and rejuvenated skin is how good your sleep is. The truth is that sleep allows your body to repair itself and recover while you sleep. Hence, it is important to get high quality sleep and at least for 7 hours to 9 hours quality hours each night. The rule of thumb is that if you feel sleeping around 9am, 10 am in the morning, you are not having enough sleep.

Sleeplessness affect your appearance, when you have fewer than 6 hours of sleep. If you have sufficient sleep, you will have fewer Wrinkles, Glowing Complexion, Brighter, Less Puffy Eyes. In addition, ensure that you drink sufficient water and elevate your head with an extra pillow at night.

Accept who you are

The seven simple step to an effective beauty is to accept who you are. Accepting who we are and be comfortable with our skin, look, appearance and any “disabilities” that we have is the principal and most priceless approach to looking beautiful. Once we love our body, our look and embrace what we thought is not good, then we will learn to carry yourself with grace that make other people to be jealous of our appearance.

There are some blemishes that can be treated, such as eczema, dandruff wart etc., in such case, we should pursue treatment as we desired. However, every other thing that we have no control to change, we should just learn to be content.

After reading this article, you may decide to try just one of these tips or perhaps all of them. Whatever the case may be, these tips can make a big difference in how you feel and look. Good luck with your beautifying goals!

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