Essential Makeup Brushes for Beginners (2021)

Essential Makeup Brushes for Beginners

What are Essential Makeup Brushes for Beginners are one  many questions that comes to the mind of girls who are just starting and testing makeup brushes. Additional questions such as how many makeup brushes do I need? What are the easiest makeup brushes to buy? What makeup brush to use and where to get them?

Knowing which makeup brushes you need and how to use them is often confusing and overwhelming. Today I can help you break all this confusion with the complete list of Essential Makeup Brushes for Beginners and their uses. There are billions of options and price ranges – it’s crazy! especially if you are an average person trying to figure things out.

Concealer Brush

Your concealer brushes must be able to evenly distribute thickest concealer blends seamlessly across the skin. There are may types of concealer brush for example thin concealer brushes, flat concealer brushes, full concealer brushes, fluffy concealer brushes, synthetic concealer brushes and natural fiber bristles concealer brushes. is an online beauty store that focus on your beauty needs and accessories. Please visit us at

With this may types of concealer brushes, it is important to understand the type of concealer you’re planning to pair with the brush. In addition, where you want to apply concealer on your face will determine the kind of concealer brushes that you will need. If your aim is to cover small or little blemishes, use small or dense concealer brushes. If your aim is to cover larger area such as under your eyes, then larger concealer brushes is the way to go.

Face Concealer Brush

This is also refers to as concealer blending brush. It is best used for applying and blending concealer. It is densely packed brush with ability to evenly distribute opaque liquid and cream formulas. When you want to apply concealer to any blemishes or discoloration under the eye, this is the best brush you should go for.

Mixing Brush

This is one of the best brushes for beginners. A smudge brush is generally used for applying, and smudging, dense bursts of color. One of the advantages of smudge brush is that it could be used to to blend in a kohl liner and heavily pigmented eye shadow. The smudge brush is also perfect for applying color anywhere with minimum or no mess created.

I call this a “cleaning brush” and it is my favorite type of eyeshadow brush. Generally, the rounder and larger the tip, the smoother and more uniform the instrument will be. It’s often a great brush for beginners, and it’s also a great brush for smudging shadows, hence the name “smudge brush.”

Angled blend Brush

Another version of the crease or blend brush, this one is angled instead of round. I personally prefer the round version, but they both do the same. it’s just a preference. This brush may be a bit more precise and easier to position if you are unsure of the crease color.

Some of angled blend brush are soft curve Face, cheek brush with a scooped design wrap around the curves of your face for precise application.

Pencil Brush

If you want soft, smoky eyeshadows and want to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow to the bottom of your lashes, this brush is essential to create that look. Creates a much smoother and more pleasant look than a pencil. The brush is small, like the tip of a pencil made of very soft, taklon bristles and it can be easily used with powders, creams, liquids.

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Make UpFor a beginner, you will quickly fall in love with pencil brush after using it couple of times. Pencil brush help you to Shade with precision, cover up and smooth the edges in every corner of your eye. one advantages of pencil brush is it super easy to clean.

Flat Shader Brush

In my opinion, this brush is essential for a great eye makeup application and is one of the few brushes that a beginner must have. This brush is also essential for making a smooth base for any eyeshadow application. It is also useful for applying eye shadows evenly across your eyelid.

The flat shader brush is critical if you want to experiment with dramatic smokey eyed looks. Larger shader brushes helps you cover more area in no time.

Eyelash and brow brush

This handy little coil brush is ideal for taming brows and removing mascara after application. They are quite cheap and I will advise you to have some of them. They are usually applied to the opposite end of the brow pencil as well.

Flat eyeshadow brush

My all-time favorite eyeliner brush, it’s flawless and lasts all day. It is easy to try and can change your life if you have used a pencil. In my opinion, this brush is ESSENTIAL for a great eye makeup application and Makeup Brushes for Beginners.  This flat eyeshadow brush is crucial for creating a smooth base for any eyeshadow application.

Lip Brush

Lip brush is a  makeup application tool, some people says its not important to have but I know one of my friends who wouldn’t complete  his makeup without using lip brush. It is a long, thin pencil-like wand with soft bristles at the end that typically form a tapered point.

Without having to say too much, you could easily decipher what this beauty tools could be used for. It is primarily used to apply lipstick or a lip gloss evenly on the lips. Contour, define and subtly accentuate your lip line for a bold look.

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush is ideal for creating a flawless shine with an airbrush. Again, there are many different versions of this brush, and many of them depend on the foundation you use. Not all foundation works well with a brush, so it all depends on the type of foundation.

I rarely use a brush and love my fingers or a wet cosmetic blender, but sometimes I like to use a brush, especially for events or special occasions. This is Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Punching Brush

This type of brush creates a flawless base with a high resolution airbrush. Foundation, blush, bronzer, powders, and highlighters are often used. Also very effective for the application of liquid and cream products. The top of the comb features bicomponent fiber bristles that provide an easy and smooth application that looks very natural. These brush tips are really light and fluffy.

Powder Bronzer, Contour Illuminated Bruch

In my opinion, this is where people often lose so much money. Sure, it’s nice to have all these great brushes, don’t get me wrong, but you don’t just need a separate brush for all of these things. A good brush will do it all for you. As such, this is often the place to spend a little extra money on ONE specialized brush that applies color to perfection and does it all. I’ve even listed some of my favorites below.


Now that we have a complete list of makeup brushes and their uses, you are wondering which one you really need. I even touched on what was said above, but I would love to tell you more below. I use the only brushes you need for a full face makeup. It is not as more as you think. You really only need 3-4 brushes if you’re a beginner: a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, an eyeliner brush, and a blush / powder brush for bronzer. That’s it!!!

However, once you get past the entry level, there are a couple more brushes that come in handy and can complement your set. I have even listed them below. I have yet to find a complete and complete set of brushes that contains everything you need and a zipper you won’t find, but I haven’t even found one.

A couple of comparisons, but there are always a couple of unnecessary ones, in my opinion. You will create your own set by evaluating your needs and compiling a list of exactly the brushes you want and can use.


My only general rule of thumb about makeup brushes is: buy the simplest you can afford. You can make inexpensive makeup look great with good brushes. In turn, the most expensive makeup will look terrible if applied with poor quality brushes and tools. (ie, those little applicators that come with your eyeshadow. PULL THIS OUT !!!

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