How many eyeshadow palettes is normal (2021)

The question is that how many eyeshadow palettes is normal? Reddit support groups have full discussions on this topic, and we’re at fault when we generally can’t “ click the big picture ” – the spread of eyeshadow palettes starts on the shelves and our desks are overwhelming, and we have a palette for the eyes to overwhelm.

Of course, this is a nice situation, but with each highly publicized release, more and more confusion appears, and we find ourselves in a pallet paralysis – is the post packaging worth another waste of money? To answer the question of How many eyeshadow palettes is normal, there are other questions that must be answered. Will a palette aimed at professionals pay off in real life? Are the shades in the latest must-have palette really different from the eyeshadows I already own? a twist like shopping for a fashion trend and then coming home knowing you have ten nearly identical items lurking in your wardrobe or, on the other hand, buying a magpie that doesn’t really suit your lifestyle, so throw it away.

Significant on a new eye gloss palette is usually more for quick gratification than good. Will we ever be able to fully plunge ourselves in the undergrowth of a 28-person shadow circus? Today’s column is full of questions that I don’t have the answers for, but while some of us have an Achilles heel when it comes to buying lipsticks or bronzers, they tend to be easier to use and at the very least require less packaging and they tend to spend less money looking for something new and interesting (although this is not a hard and fast rule)

How many eyeshadow palettes is not normal

There’s really nothing wrong with buying the anticipated new eye palette, however having too much  eyeshadow can contribute to a cosmetic disaster. The very fact that there’s a “Discourage Me discussion” about Reddit Makeup Rehab speaks volumes when our drive to buy the latest product with so-called care eyeshadow rolls and palettes happens all the time because it’s the most attractive cosmetic purchase of all.

Redditors share the goals of limiting their palette arsenal to a maximum of 3 and the inventory of shades they already own to instantly avoid repeat purchases. This is the kind of discipline I like, and I don’t think it’s there yet (I’m in a prime position to encourage mocking eye popsicles before they run, and occasionally drop with hook, line, and plumb line), but a poll of unscientific office came to light that we all feel the excess of the palette.

Most of the average eyeshadow palettes in your vanity closet probably look like this: A couple of shades hit the mark, maybe a few others are there, and at least a couple is barely affected. So what do you do with every those unused colors in your eyeshadow palette? They probably seem useless and unusable compared to the one you love your loved ones, but in my experience, these are those underrated shades that will be multi-tasking, one-of-a-kind, ultimately maximizing the use of your product.

How many eyeshadow palettes is normal

Consider the cost as you determine how many eyeshadow palettes is normal

Eyeshadow palettes aren’t always cheap. Most people (with the exception of those totally addicted to makeup and who buy entire palettes for a single color) buy a palette for a set of carefully selected shades that blend easily, look beautiful together, and make the application the thing to do. easiest possible. While each palette has its own standout shades, these seemingly random shades are often used even to the same extent. These colors, from bright white to true gray, are often used as ways not only to enhance your beauty skills, but also to expand the use of this palette.

What I think is normal to have

Below are my forgotten eyeshadow palette shades, along with some tips on how to ultimately appreciate and wear each one. Because instead of choosing a pair of favorites, we should all love each color.


White eyeshadow always seemed too harsh to me. Not only is it quite vibrant compared to the darker or more colorful hues in the palette, but it’s also … very simple. And a simple eyeshadow is not a delight, is it?

White eyeshadow is really a great base shade for highlighting areas of the face. It won’t have the equivalent effect of your favorite sparkly highlighter, but applying a light white shade to your brow, inner eye, or perhaps Cupid’s bow can give you a sparkling, light-enhancing look. Plus, it’s also a solid initiative for a blend look because it ensures that other colors stay vibrant and blend in easily.

The black

Like white eyeshadow, black is pretty straightforward and hard to imagine unless you’re creating a smoky goth look.

In fact, black is just as useful as white eyeshadow. You will apply it on the eyes, like a gel eyeliner – take a thin curved eye brush and draw a line. It can accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. Also, if you’re not really an eyeliner guru, wear eyeshadows because you’re just blending them. get ready to make black a part of your daily makeup.


This grayish silver color is beautiful but it doesn’t look super wearable. The office is too dark for every day and too boring for the night. So where else can you use it?

I admit that the dark shade of bronze is usually quite intimidating. But once you get rid of the dark color, you seriously move the shadow. Just make sure you mix, mix, mix. The dark bronze pigment means that the touch can last for a long time. So take a small brush, paint the eyes and blend until you get the intensity you want.

Bright pink

Pink eyeshadow looks like 80s makeup that it shouldn’t have been. While there is nothing wrong with the shade itself, it’s not really a standard shade that swings around the eyes.

However, you will be surprised to find out how much a bright pink shade can open your inner eyes. I love honest accent light and a great bright light shade like this brings lots of light and sparkle to interior corners.

Matte brown

Let’s talk about a quiet shade. Matte brown? If 2016 doesn’t officially become 1998, brown shades can easily and willfully be neglected.

Sure, matte brown can be a pretty ’90s shade, but that means it’s perfect for contouring. Rather than consuming the extra money on a separate contour kit, consider opting for a matte brown shade in your palette. Lightly brush the areas of the face where you would like more definition, such as the nose, cheeks, and hairline. You’ll look tidy in minutes.


Gold can be a great shade, and for some of them, it can be a beautiful makeup accent. But only in small doses, right?

This is for all my glitter loving friends – cast a golden shadow on it and just rock it! Finely cut gold can radiate a stunning metallic luster that is perfect for everyday life or parties. You apply it according to your tastes for a soft, radiant look or intense metallic pigmentation.


If you won’t look like a sleepless day, red eyeshadow is something you deliberately avoid. It’s a harsh shade, usually uncommon for round eyes, and seemingly impossible to match with any pretty, non-emo school look.

This is all a lie! Raspberry shades not only look great on lip colors, but they also look gorgeous as shadows. The purple-based red I even have looks really pretty when lined around my eyes with nude makeup. Using it as an accent, perhaps with shades of brown, or perhaps gray, will also create the same dramatic look. Red eyeshadow, FTW.


This is another 80s eyeshadow shade that is definitely great for clothing and accessories. But on your eyelids? this is not something you face every day.

Yes, the blue eyeshadow is exclusively from the 80s, but in a completely modern style. You move the blue shade under the eyes in a reverse smoky eye style and you go crazy with the shine and uniqueness of the shade.

That’s it. While you thought these shades were doomed to be ignored forever, we hope the following tips and tricks will help you expand your creativity and expand the use of your palettes. don’t forget to show.


Huh… Can I really answer How many eyeshadow palettes is normal? my answer is No, it depends on individual, discipline, budget, space and how frequent she goes for parties or occasion that requires eyeshadow

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