How to select the right bag for women?

Most celebrities have strategies on how to select the right bag for an occasion. A bag is not just a storage device for personal items. This is a great addition to complement a woman’s outfit, giving it a more modern look. Perhaps the bag is the most important component of every woman’s wardrobe. However, not all women know how to choose the right bag. Your bag is like your fingerprint, clearly describing your unique characteristics. Therefore, the bag you are wearing says much more about you than the dress you are wearing.

If you are thinking How to select the right bag, here are some tips to help you.

  • Choose the perfect bag
  • Choose your best color

Whether you a bag for work or just for everyday use, color makes a big difference. find the simplest color that suits your lifestyle. The colors are often infinite and sometimes you can’t determine your best option. Learn how to match the color of your bag with another outfit. If you are unsure of a color, try choosing a dominant color that matches most of your clothes.

Trends and designs are not always the main factors to consider on how to select the right bag. Your somatotype means tons. Not all bags are suitable for all women. Bags are usually elegant, but they don’t fit your figure. Below are the different body types and bag shapes to watch for.

  • Plus size women

Baggy round bags are not suitable for women with large, curvy shapes. Similarly, small bags can ceate a chubby woman’s body appear larger than it is. A bag resting on your body will help reduce excess mass in your hips and thighs.

  • Thin women

Slim women should not choose oversized or bulky handbags. A bag that fits snugly against your body instead of staying at a distance is the right thing to do if you have a slim body.

  • Women with thick waist

Long handle bags are suitable for overweight women and people with a thick waist. Crossbody bags with diagonal straps are also good for creating a slimming effect.

  • Tall woman

For tall and slim women, short baggy bags are suitable. A shoulder bag can make a tall woman appear taller. A wider handbag is ideal.

Shoulder bags are good for small women.

Understanding of How to select the right bag

  • Consider the case

The occasion plays a very important role in choosing the right bag. Try to be more practical by selecting a bag that matches the event or function you are about to attend. Different cases need different styles of bags. This matches the design and size of the bag you want to buy.

  • Consider the size

If you are on the go and want a bag that fits most of your essentials, then a large bag is worth buying. Small bags are recommended in case you want freedom and

nothing to save. In contrast, a bag with multiple compartments inside is ideal if you have multiple items to store. This allows content like makeup, perfume, sunglasses, and more to be stored separately.

  • Consider the Style

The style of the bag depends on the size of the strap. For long trips, you need a shoulder bag or bag with long straps.

  • Consider your Budget

Now that you’ve thought about the color, shape, case, size, and shape of your bag, it’s important to look dignified. It is advisable to stay within budget. However, you should specialize in savings to get the easiest deal possible. There is no point buying a cheaper bag that lasts for a short time. The stock market is a kind of investment that will last at least two years.

Choosing the right fashion bag for ladies is just design and trend. You should consider factors such as the case, color, size, shape, and most of all, body type. The critical factors mentioned above should be taken into account when buying a women’s handbag.

Never buy a bag without trying it on.

First instincts and a spirit like “OMG, this is so cute” don’t work for a reasonable and wise decision. It is very important that you understand how the bag fits you. most of them are different and individual parameters are different: height, weight, shape, hair, complexion, etc. So grab a bag from the store and see for yourself and your appearance in the mirror. Holding the bag in your hand, check it and think if it is similar to the structure of the bag, its texture, details – pockets, zippers: silver, gold, metallic, color, shape, straps, etc. Imagine how you look in it, what you will wear and how you will feel. In addition to checking yourself, ask him to understand if this is your model or not. Usually at this stage you find your purse or keep looking.

Is this bag what I am looking for?

I already mentioned that before you buy a bag, you would like to take care of it. I recommend not just looking at it, but evaluating its comfort. I want to get into the habit of using my pockets inside and out. For example, I always buy bags with inner pockets, since I really like to have everything to keep everything organized. You should also check how light and / or heavy the bag is, how pleasant it is to touch and guess the approximate storage time. If something in the bag you don’t like and / and feel uncomfortable, don’t buy a bag.

What part of the body would I like to emphasize?

Remember that the bag accentuates the parts of the body that are on the edge. the pouch on the belt emphasizes the waist. I do not recommend it for those with a wide band belt.

If you carry a bag in your hands, the attraction will be in them. So confirm that you have a well thought out manicure. Especially when you are in formal attire, holding a purse in your hands. In case you have big wrists, ugly fingers, a broken nail, etc., please don’t choose handbags. If this happens often, I can accompany the bag.

A shoulder bag with a diagonal chest strap accentuates it. Therefore, I may not recommend this type to those with too large or too small breasts.

Appreciate the reliability of the bag.

The main intention of the bag is to hold the personnel. therefore, the bag should not only be stylish and modern, but also reliable. I usually ask myself the question: what will I carry in this bag? If the solution is PCs, books, and magazines, an open-top bag is often chosen. However, if you also carry your wallet, everything will change. An open bag can serve as an invitation in case of unwanted situations.

Ask yourself if this bag fits my lifestyle.

You can go crazy at first glance, and in time, if that doesn’t work for you, the love will probably fade. What I call “false investment” has happened to me several times and I have learned to avoid it. Therefore, before making a sale, remove all the items from your bag such as wallet, keys, cell phone, iPad, snacks, makeup, perfume, etc., and check how they will fit in your new bag. Take your time and think about what is important to you. Should the bag have an inside pocket for documents, makeup, phone, etc.? Where do you get the staff and how often do you get them and how

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