How to lighten dark lips (2021)

The question on everyone’s mind is How to lighten dark lips. There is nothing sexier than soft, smooth lips. A dazzling pair of lips is like a cherry on top of the perfect frozen dessert sundae. If you are wondering how to get incredibly luscious lips, you’ve come to the right place!

How to lighten dark lips in 12 easy steps

The skin that covers your lips is often difficult to care for because it is one of the finest skins on your body.

While some parts of your face, like your cheeks, are made up of 16 layers of skin, your lips only have four or five layers. This is why things like smoky wrinkles and lip lines happen so quickly.

But there are good news! We have compiled a list of very simple procedures to ensure that you always have beautiful lips. We show you how to smooth lips in 12 easy steps.

Step 1 on How to lighten dark lips: Keep your lips moist

It seems like a no-brainer, right? It is really significant to keep your lips moist! The question is how?

Start with the basics! Use the ointment frequently throughout the day. We suggest using the sensor cap whenever you use the toilet. it often helps in two ways.

First, it helps you remember to reuse every few hours. Second, the ointment is best used with clean hands (if you touch your lips, of course!). So when you’re done washing your hands, you’ll apply lip balm!

And if you’re trying to find a way to keep the edges of your mouth hydrated, give SiO Beauty Eye & Smile patches a try! Or for an even more targeted reduction of lip wrinkles, try our Super Lip Lift patches. They provide an enormous amount of moisture that softens the skin and reduces wrinkles while you sleep.

Step 2 on How to lighten dark lips: Choose an SPF pomade

If you are lucky plenty to never have sunburn on your lips, please let us know – it’s the worst! This is painful and ugly.

Imagine the poorly case of chapped lips you’ve ever had and multiply it by ten. This is so bad.

So what is the solution? Choose an SPF pomade! This can prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging your delicate lips, making them soft and plump.

Step 3:  use the right lipstick

Not all lipsticks are the same. some contain harmful ingredients like parabens.

In contrast, some lipsticks are made from natural ingredients like vegetable oils or beeswax and use natural dyes. If possible, choose one of these lipsticks.

You can also try looking for a lipstick that contains vitamins or other moisturizing ingredients. it will leave your lips soft and moist and will also provide the desired color.

Step 4: Use lip products with no added flavors or fragrances

The flavors and aromas seem great, but they can damage your skin. This includes flavored or scented lip balms and lipsticks.

The ingredients that give lip products their delicious aroma and flavor are often chemical-based ingredients that can irritate and dry out the lips. Better to avoid them altogether.

Step 5: Don’t bite or lick your lips

In order for the lips to be soft and pleasant to kiss, you must be gentle! this means that it cannot bite or lick its lips. Bites are harmful (for obvious reasons), while licking your lips can remove moisture and dry out your lips.

Step 6:  Make a light lip scrub

Yes, you read it correctly. Make a lip scrub! Dead skin can form next to your lips, just like anywhere else on your face, so it’s important to gently clean them.

You only need a couple of basic household ingredients to make a meal. The simplest lip scrub is just a teaspoon of honey and a half teaspoon of sugar.

Combine these two ingredients and rub them together with clean hands. After a minute or two, wash it off with cold water. That’s it!

Step 7: Exfoliate lips with a toothbrush.

If you are skeptical about the lip scrub, you can also exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush. This may seem strange at first, but it will help get rid of dry, flaky skin.

Outcome? Younger and brighter skin on your lips! Just take a soft bristle toothbrush, moisten it with warm water and gently rub it on your lips for 1-2 minutes.

Step 8: Make a homemade lip mask

It’s fair to say that we are apply to DIY face masks. We’ve written about the simplest homemade face masks to treat acne, reduce redness, and increase hydration. We also looked at the simplest DIY masks for different skin types and much, much more.

But our obsession with masks continues! Now we will add DIY lip masks to the list. They are very easy to train and really effective.

For the simplest lip masks, you only need two ingredients. Here are some simple tips:

One ounce of honey and one ounce of juice.

One ounce of yogurt and one ounce  of turmeric powder

One teaspoon of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of gel for burned plants

All of these lip masks are great options, but this is definitely not an exhaustive list. Get creative and start experimenting! There are many lip masks that will make your lips soft and supple.

Step 9:  eat well and drink enough of water

This is an important step in achieving soft, smooth lips. Eat a healthy, anti-aging diet that includes plenty of superfoods, and drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. It will help you look and feel younger! Beauty patches are also great for looking and feeling younger, as they are clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles overnight.

Step 10 : Apply petroleum jelly before going to bed

To give your lips extra safety, apply a thin layer of premium antiquated petroleum jelly before going to bed. Vaseline is what is called an occlusive agent.

This essentially means that it forms a barrier on the skin that maintains hydration and moisture. While you don’t want to use petroleum jelly just on your lips, using it in the dark is effective because it provides the smoothness you want.

Step 11: Rest very well

Ah, wonderful sleep is the lightest and most pleasant sleep that keeps your skin soft and smooth. If you’re wondering how to soften your lips, follow these simple sleep tips:

  • Sleep on your back to avoid irritating or damaging your lips and face.
  • Turn on a humidifier while you sleep to keep your lips soft and moist.
  • Use Beauty pads to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin glowing!
  • Get at least six and half hours of sleep each night. Seven or eight hours is even better!
  • Perfect Sleep is a gentle lip remedy that we think you won’t mind.

Step 12: Relax!

Our last tip for soft lips is to relax easily! We say it literally and metaphorically. Literally because it is best to keep the muscles of the mouth and lips relaxed whenever possible. If you keep these muscles tight or use them frequently for repeating facial expressions, you are more likely to end up with nasty laugh lines or a smile. So kick back and check to keep your lips relaxed! We also refer to relaxation metaphorically, because you will have to twist my fingers while waiting for the above treatments to indicate the results. These are all effective tips, but you may not see immediate results.

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