How to relieve back and buttock pain

Before you read this article about how to relieve back and buttock pain, quickly take a second to think about your current posture at this moment in time.

As you are reading this article on your phone, computer or iPad, are you sitting or lying down or just standing? No judgement is intended as we are all guilty of the same problem or challenges –A simple understanding of daily positions and its impact on relentless back pain can make a big difference.

[ctt template=”12″ link=”KcrdV” via=”no” ][/ctt]There are couple of pillows that helps and alleviate back pain and even handle mild neck pain. All the chiropractors we asked about home remedies to stop back pain recommend starting by improving your posture at your desk chair with a lumbar cushion.

Frankly, it makes sense that looking at how to improve sitting position can be a big lever to controlling your back pain.

Most of us likely spend just as much time, if not more, at work as in bed. One of the chiropractors that we spoke to said “We’re always trying to restore normal posture in the lumbar [or lower] spine,” The next paragraph summarizes key attributes of the pillow and cushion to keep you aligned and in good shape

What kind of pillow will relieve back and buttock pain

Always know that if your buttock aches or your back sores, you need to improve your seating experience. You know your body more than another person, if your gut tells you that your sitting posture is not good enough, believe me, you need a change immediately.

If you have a chair that has no back support or lumbar cushion, you’re not supporting that normal lumbar lordosis — or curve — so you’re pushing all the weight onto the [spinal] discs.

If your work involve sitting for more than 3 hours without standing up at all – please consider a back and buttock support pillow. Regardless of what you do and where you do it, find a way to make your sitting less painful.

The cushion must have an adjustable strap that allows you to move it up or down on your chair without slipping off. The ideal position for the cushion depends on your height and the shape on your spine. “Feel your lower back where it naturally curves inward, that is where the support should be placed.”

Your Back support pillow must have be memory foam

Your cushion must be memory foam no matter what proper posture actually starts with the pelvis and lower back. Memory foam seat cushion take pressure off your tailbone and provide some support for your lower spine.

Your Back Support Pillow must be Firm

Firmness of the foam is equally critical and important when it comes to bed pillows. It must be something firm that offers plenty of support no matter where you place it.

Typically, when you’re talking about a pillow for back pain, you’re looking at placing it either underneath your knees with your legs slightly bent if you’re sleeping on your back or, if you’re a side sleeper, between your knees so that your top leg wouldn’t be pulling down on your pelvis and putting torque on your back,” he says.

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Consider a Full body pillow

Consider a full body pillow to relieve back pain, especially if you move around and switch positions during the night. Full body pillow allows that you have one end of the pillow between your knees and also have it come up high enough to where it should be able to support your head and neck. The key function of the full body pillow is to keep the spine in a neutral position.

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If you are mildly or extremely worried about poor posture,  lower back pain or neck pain, consider adding lumbar support pillow to your list as an inexpensive and effective alternative treatment to buying something that like an high-end office chair.  Full body, back and buttock support lumbar pillows are helpful to minimize chronic back pain by decreasing muscle fatigue.

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